Want to sell your probate house easily?

A house or any property left by any of your deceased family members which is currently under the probate process under the supervision of the court that will distribute it among all the beneficiaries according to Ohio state law. Selling a probate house is a quite complex process as it involves a lot of paperwork and needs to be approved by the court making it more time-consuming to sell the house. Also, you have to pay different types of fees related to attorneys, filing paperwork, appraisals, and executor fees during the probate process, this may also include the repairing cost of the house if needed.

Even after getting the ownership of the house, if you sell the house by publicly listing by a real estate agent then you have to further wait for months to sell it, involving numerous house showings and open houses. Also, the real estate agents take almost 6% of the sales amount as commission. Most importantly, selling a probate house through an experienced agent that understands the local laws as the probate process is quite confusing and time-consuming.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to sell your house is through a professional house-buying company. They buy your house as-is without any need for repairs or cleaning and provide you with a fair cash offer for the house. Also, they have experience working through the probate process, so they help you with the paperwork and manage the process easily.

H3 Homebuyers is one such trusted company that has years of experience in dealing with the probate process. They buy a probate house in Ohio in their current condition and pay with cash on closing of the deal so that you don’t need to further wait for any mortgage approval or other problems for receiving your money.

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