Ways Of Entertainment

Entertainment is a type of process or an activity that has attention of the audience, or it is simply an activity that gives delight to eyes and also pleasure for mind. Entertainment can also be a challenging task that pursues a profession through it, but it is said to be a greatest event or an activity that has been developed since thousands of years.

History of entertainment:

During ancient days the craft of communication and their experiences gave some sort of entertainment for those ancient peoples. Since the earliest times stories and paintings were the most important forms of entertainment. Storytelling and folk games were also one of the activities that are a combined sport of entertainment.

Different forms of entertainment:

Entertainment has been evolved into various forms and expressions. Such as,

  • Music
  • Sport
  • Theatre
  • Movies and drama etc.

These types of entertainment can go beyond the expectation and can produce some interests in its audience.

Architecture for entertainment:

 To support the entertainment field, there are purpose-built buildings as places and venues for entertainment that attract the audience and also have produced many famous buildings, one among them are multiplexes and theatres. While these architectural structures are functional it also affects the tourism industry which in turn results for the new constructions and renovations to attract the audience.


Children and their choice of entertainment:

Entertainment of children is totally focused on the play which plays a important role during their growth. Entertainment helps child to grow mentally and give them the sort of maturity as per their ages. To list few,

  • Prepare them for adult responsibilities
  • Give them the knowledge of social interaction
  • Interests towards sports activities and music
  • Engagement with advanced technology etc.

Effects of entertainment during the globalization:

Entertainment has a huge scope in economical industry and electronic media.


During the second part of the 20th century there was a huge increase in the electronic media, which possibly made a right delivery of the entertainment to bulk and mass of the audiences across the world. The advanced technology of the entertainment has made people to watch, hear and engage in all the famous forms of entertainment like stories, theatre, and music and dance as well. The instant and rapid development in the entertainment industry was also due to the improvements in the data storage devices like recorders, cassettes and CD’s along with the development in miniaturization.